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Iím Bruce Fleet, the Owner/Instructor for the Island Surf School.† Iíve been surfing for 30 years, starting right here at Tasmaniaís Clifton Beach.

I first trained to become an instructor in Sydney 15 years ago and then taught surfing on the mainland.† Over this time I was able to turn surf coaching into a full time profession throughout the summers while working winters at Thredbo Ski Resort. I returned to Tasmania in the spring of 2004 to start up Island Surf School.†

The return home has been great with the surf school busy throughout the summer and at a more relaxed pace through the winter. I now have two little girls and live in Dodges Ferry where I run the majority of our surf lessons.

Tasmanian beaches have a good vibe and I love teaching surfing here.† Some students have gone on to get their own equipment and are surfing regularly, and some of the juniors continuing to come to lessons show great promise of becoming future champions.

To all those that have supported Island Surf School ó thank you so much!

Iíll see you out in the surf.






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